Category: dark realm


I am floating; moving farther and farther away from where I am supposed to stay. I cannot see the light but neither am I in darkness. Them, voices are with me. They are within me. The more I move farther, the more they cling on to me, gripping my soul with their deafening chants. What are they saying? They are mumbling such incomprehensible words. It’s deafening but I could not understand.

I am floating. The wings of paranoia are taking me to my doom once again.



Lost in the Clouds

Got lost for awhile but it was intentional. Just thought it would be nice to keep mum and yap away my weird thoughts again when I’m ready. 

I have touched the clouds and it was amazing.


Stranger Within

What of my dreams that most cannot comprehend? The psychosis of obscurity that dwells within the very core; mysterious inklings flooding every dimension I choose to step into. What of my thoughts that paint the skies with my eccentric but true color? The romance with darkness that makes people lament and be horrified with the thought that I belong to the unknown and the nameless.

What of my existence?



Deafening Silence

I prefer silence. Silence is a true friend because it gives me the opportunity to take heed of what my heart truly desires. It gives me inner peace. It gives me joy.

As most people love to be in the company of madness, their words and actions are often guided with misconceptions and lies thus veering their way to tragedy.

Keep mum and take heed. There should be no room for chaos.