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Blending In

baguio flower

Paint your world with kindness, not of envy.

Fill your heart with love, not of hatred.

Nurture yourself with goodness, not of cruelty.

Shower your life with flowers, not of rain.

Why waste time being one with the dark,

when you can be happy blending in with the colors?


Step Back

By the time you realize you have given your all yet nothing is appreciated, is the time when you want to retrace your steps, lower the amount of your empathy and start anew.

By the time when you get to know the truth and knew that people doesn’t seem to fit in your beautiful world, is the time when you want to cut the chain and lose it forever.

By the time when you start to comprehend those evil thoughts that has been swimming inside people’s heads, is the time when you want to drown yourself in order to erase their memories.

It’s a waste of time to commune with these kind.  It’s harmful to exchange some ideas with them.  You wouldn’t want that kind of drama to begin with. 

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No matter how tough the road is, we can always find so many ways to walk beyond and reach either our desired destination or the destination fate will give us.

No matter how strong the tide is, we can always permit ourselves to go with the flow and eventually learn to swim amongst the biggest waves and reach the shores in the end.

And no matter how dark the night is, morning will always come and our journey begins anew.

Never forget that even with our darkest hours, the light will always have its way to reach us.


Life’s Journey

In every journey, there are different kinds of obstacles that we are to face and it takes a lot of guts, compassion, determination and maybe a dash of eccentricity to surpass such obstacles.

To begin with, every journey is an adventure where pleasure and sorrow are intertwined. Life is a journey but it is not a walk-in-a-park kind of voyage. The road may be smooth-sailing or arduous, undemanding or complicated but if we only equip ourselves with enough amount of strength, faith and optimism, we will never, ever lose our way.